27 September, 2021

Hair Loss Treatment: What You Should Know Before You Begin?

The shedding of hair is a normal process. However, hair loss occurs when the rate of falling the hairs is greater than the normal rate. Hair loss is a common problem among men and women. There are several causes of hair loss, and they may be temporary or permanent. The condition is more common in men. Hair loss not only occurs in the head but can develop in any part of the body.

How Should I Know That I Am Having Hair Loss?

There are several signs of hair loss depending upon the underlying cause. Some of them are:

Sudden hair loosening: You may sometimes experience a lot of hairs coming out while combing. Emotional problems, such as excessive stress, may also cause sudden hair loosening.

Scaling patches that spread on the scalp: You may experience this type of hair loss due to fungal infection. The patches are red, inflamed, and are accompanied by irritation ad itching.

Patchy or circular bald areas: If you are experiencing patches on the scalp without any hairs, this is a sign of hair loss. In such cases, sometimes, you may experience irritation at the site of hair loss.

Total-body hair loss: In some cases, such as due to chemotherapy, the patients lose all their body hairs.

Progressive thinning of hairs on the forehead: This occurs as people get older. Men and women have different patterns of losing hair as they age.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

There are several causes of hair loss. Some of them are:

Emotional stress: Stress plays a crucial role in interfering with overall health, including hair health. Chronic stress may result in hair loss.

Medications: Certain medications may result in hair loss as a part of their side effects. Some drugs used for treating heart disease, gout, arthritis, cancer, and depression may cause hair loss.

Treatment Procedures: Radiation therapy may also result in hair loss. The hairs that were before the procedure may not be the same when they regrow.

Hormonal alterations: Changes in the level of hormones may result in hair loss. Hormonal levels may be altered during menopause, pregnancy, and thyroid disorders. Patients with underlying autoimmune diseases may also experience hair loss.

Hereditary:  This is one of the most common causes of hair loss, and people start experiencing this as they age. It is progressive and follows a predictable patent. It is known as male-pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, and androgenetic alopecia.

What Are The Various Types Of Hair Loss Treatment Available?

Several types of treatment options are available. The doctor may prescribe you the treatment after determining the cause of your hair loss. Some of the treatment options include:

Medications: If the hair loss is caused due to any underlying disease, the doctor will diagnose it and provide precise treatment to manage or cure the disease. Further, if the hair loss is due to the side effects of certain medicines, the doctor may either advise you to stop it for some time or may prescribe an alternative without this side effect.

Several medicines help in treating baldness. The most common of them are minoxidil and finasteride.

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma treatment when combined with topical medications provide the most effective results.

Hair Transplant Surgery: Some people may also opt for hair transplant surgery. During the hair transplant surgery, the surgeon obtains the hairs from the head and transplants them at the area of baldness.

How Should I Know About The Best Hair Loss Treatment Suitable For Me?

Consult with your family doctor if you have excessive hair fall. Your family doctor will advise you to visit the hair specialists if there is hair loss. Your doctor, depending upon the causes and other factors, will decide the best suitable treatment for you. Always prepare a list of questions you want to ask the doctor about hair loss and its possible treatment.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Loss Treatment In India?

The cost of hair loss treatment depends upon the cause of hair loss and the type of treatment required. If the hair loss is treated with medicines, then the cost is less. However, if the treatments include hair transplant surgery or multiple therapies, this cost increases.


Hair loss is a significant problem throughout the words. The data indicates that approximately 40% of people by 35 years of age experience hair loss. This number shoots up to 65% by 60 years of age. The person experiencing hair loss must consult with the doctor for treatment and prevention.

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