28 January, 2022

Filler Treatment


As age increases, the skin tends to lose its elasticity. In addition, the muscles and fat present on the face become thin. Because of this, the skin tends to lose its softness. Due to these changes, wrinkles appear on the skin. Many modern treatment technologies have evolved to reduce these wrinkles and soften the skin. One way of restoring youthful and wrinkle-free skin is using filler.

Filler Treatment

The filler treatment is the dermatological procedure in which the synthetic or naturally occurring substances called filler are filled inside the skin. These are filled inside the skin through injectables implants or dermal fillers. This procedure is done to decrease facial lines and wrinkles. Fillers soften the skin and restore skin beauty for a specific period. It is the best way for people who want to reduce signs of ageing from the skin. This treatment restores the beauty of skin for a long time depending on the skincare taken by the patient and the quality of filler used.

Types Of Filler

The types of fillers used for filling skin are as follows-

Need Of Fillers


The doctor uses the following procedure during the filling process-

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